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With a history of direct hydrocarbon exploration technology and other mineral exploration, JBA Operating offers an innovative approach and is setting a new industry standard with cutting edge technology for Oil & Gas exploration and other mineral exploration and evaluation. JBA performs geological surveys and feasibility studies utilizing proprietary software to analyze data from satellites and other sources including our in-house ground equipment pertaining to Oil & Gas exploration.

Some of the problems faced by oil and gas companies today, for economical mineral extraction, can be addressed by deriving information from remotely sensed imagery. This approach provides several advantages during surface exploration and subsurface extraction. Field exploration can be very expensive. Some of your largest field expenses far exceed the cost of what they should be. By using our technology you can drastically reduce your risk and your exploration costs. Land acquisition using remote sensing and geophysical processing techniques can limit the size of your exploration parcel. By using our ground equipment it will allow you to choose the best location for oil and gas recovery.
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